Main Menu

File menuFile menu

  • New Board - creates new empty board
  • New board from template - creates new board from a template previously saved using "Save board as template". In this case you can create new board that already have content in them.
  • Open board - open board from file
  • Save board - save board to file
  • Save board as - save board to a new file
  • Save board as template - save current board state for reuse as a template. You'll be able to create new boards with items that are currently in this board.
  • Manage reusable checklists - create named checklists that you can use to create new tasks.
  • Exit - close the program.

Board menuBoard menu

  • Undo - Redo last action like in other editors
  • Add Task - add a single task to the leftmost column
  • Add Tasks - add a bunch of tasks at once
  • Manage columns - rename and reorder columns
  • Create checkpoint - save board state so you can return to it later
  • Revert to checkpoint - revert to a previously saved board state.
  • Manage checkpoints - rename and delete checkpoints.